Alan Steinfeld, author, is an explorer of consciousness. For over 30 years has hosted and produced the weekly television series New Realities in New York City. His 70,000+ subscribers to the YouTube channel of the same name has over 22 million viewers with interviews with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Ram Dass and every major UFO researcher in the field.  His new book Making * Contact: The New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence features original writings by Linda Moulton Howe, Whitley Strieber, Darryl Anka, John Mack, Mary Rodwell, JJ and Desiree Hurtak, Grant Cameron, Caroline Cory  and others.

Alan has served as one of the emcees for Contact in the Desert for eight years of their live programs. He  has also produced two films on the subject: The Hidden Hand by James Carmen and Calling All Earthlings (about George van Tassel). by Jonathan Berman. He feels that only when the inner explorations of the soul are combined with the outer adventures of the mind can we achieve a harmonious understanding of our place in the cosmos.