Eric is credited with discovering a significant and previously unknown connection between geometry and harmonics, where geometric forms provide the information needed to build numerically perfect major chords, the most melodic form of music. By extrapolation, Eric’s groundbreaking research offers a certain type of proof that our geometric universe is a symphonic system functioning in literal harmony with itself. What’s more, Eric’s findings take us back to a moment in time when an elegant “Base-60” math system (which we still use today to measure time and space) and the worlds’ first written language were born.

His lectures introduce us to a monumental moment in human history—one that, though it challenges logic, also happens to involve a helping nudge from extraterrestrial visitors. You may not realize it, but if we are to believe any of what our first ancestors wrote as fact, we are currently living in a matrix put in motion over six thousand years ago by a technologically-advanced race of “sky-people.” Eric’s research has been called the closest thing yet to smoking-gun proof that humanity has indeed been contacted by extraterrestrials in the past. Many researchers have touched on certain individual aspects of this, but so far no one has put more clues together to support this “Alien-Assistance” theory.

Eric’s Sonic Geometry videos have been viewed millions of times and translated into numerous languages, while his research and findings have been featured on Gaia TV, History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” as well as radio, television and podcast interviews all over the world. Eric is a featured speaker at conventions such as Contact in the Desert, Portal to Ascension and Star Knowledge and he is the only regularly-featured lecturer at the world-famous Integratron in California’s Mojave Desert. He currently sits on panels with some of today’s most renown researchers in the fields of physics, mathematics, human origins and extraterrestrial contact.

What people are saying:

“I learned more in Eric’s two-hour presentation than I have in the past three years of watching Ancient Aliens!” 

“Eric’s work provides a beautiful geometric model of the Quantum Universe.”

“No one has put more pieces together of the extraterrestrial story….”

Eric is co-host of Awakening Code Radio Podcast based in Laguna Beach, California.