Gabriella Young is a visionary performance and recording artist. She is also a teacher, healer, and mystic whose programs and performances anoint consciousness through Sacred Sound, Vibration, and the Word. Concerts of Vision, Sacred Purpose and Alchemy of the Beloved unveil inner spiritual awareness and creativity for compassionate service.

Gabriella Young has honed her being and her art to the point where she is not merely a marvelous interpreter of Rumi’s poems, but a transmitter of their sacred fire. Anyone who sees her performance will come away as I did, haunted by its pure and wild intensity, its unforced exaltation and its all-pervading atmosphere of reverence before the mystery of Divine Love. Gabriella is an alchemist of movement, gesture, and word; she gifts a long draught of the Elixir of holy passion that turns the dross of being into the gold of truth. ~ Andrew Harvey, best selling author (The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi), poet, scholar, mystical activist.

Gabriella is well-known for her performances of the initiatory poetry of Rumi and other spiritual Masters. She collaborates with international musicians, celebrating ecstatic reunion with the Beloved. Visit her website for more info.

vast and intimate
sacred pouring
embodied visionary awareness

Do you know how beautiful you are? – Rumi