As an Ascension Wayshower, Keleena’s soul’s purpose is to teach, activate and assist humanity through their ascension process by merging heaven to earth within the body. She guides you to live passionately as your authentic self, from your Sacred Heart, Mind & Voice in your highest truth, wisdom, and grace. Under hypnosis, Keleena is referred to as a purifier as she activates you to begin your purification process for your soul’s ascension process.

With the ability to speak all of the Universal Languages of Light (the language of love), she is a Key Code Activator and Sound & Light Vibrational Tone Conductor through her voice to activate and facilitate healing for all souls through their DNA at the cellular level.

Keleena helps to elicit clients’ natural healing abilities for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physiological healing. Her guides revealed she is a Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer and refer to her as “One who knows the Power of the Heart.” 

From her memories as High Priestess of the Rose, she initiates and activates Sisters of the Rose from the Temple of Isis. She helps women empower themselves by reclaiming their divinity as the goddess/god they are and helps facilitate the balance of feminine and masculine energies. 

Other abilities include Trance Medium Channeler with the gift of all six senses. She is also a Reiki Master & Teacher, Galactic Shamanic Sound Healer through light language vibrations in vocalization, a psychic medium, and a clear conduit and channel for source and feels her abilities are unlimited. She conducts workshops, retreats, and online webinars, utilizing the language of light frequencies for activation. She is also an intuitive energy artist, an author of divine guidance through poetry, prose, inspirational quotes, and current incoming information.

In 2014 Keleena’s higher self has revealed she is here to “Lead the people home.” Meaning to lead all god’s children in their ascension process by moving them from their ego fears back to their Sacred Hearts. 

Keleena vows to use her gifts to assist Gaia and humanity, with her greatest desire to see all citizens of Earth join together in the Unity of Love and in the Oneness that we all are.

Patreon Community:

At SoulogyFest, we will discuss the vibrational and harmonic influences currently taking place within the universe. And how light code anomalies through the sun shift the physical body at the cellular level to overcome the program that has influenced humanity’s disconnection from their hearts, power, and knowledge for thousands of years. 

Also, we will cover the changes taking place within the human body, how it requires one to activate their christ consciousness cells to amplify and accelerate their process by utilizing high-frequency codes of light & sound that conduct new levels of light emission, activating your ascension and lightbody. 

What We Are Offering; Both Keleena & William will be conducting healing, utilizing different techniques and products. 

As a multidimensional quantum energy healer, Keleena taps into your physical body feeling energetic blockages and the subconscious to find programming from your upbringing that influences the fears holding you back from moving forward in your healing process. She is highly sensitive and will utilize this ability, plus her psychic & empathic abilities, light language key code activations, and vibrational vocal toning for your purification and healing. It may also start your purification & crystalline process (if not already happening.) She will also activate any suppressed or dormant codes to facilitate your healing powers and open your divine gifts that help you align with your soul’s divine purpose.

Through his ability as a Heyoka Empath, William feels what you need through the emotional, mental & physical bodies. He works with the angelic realms and angelic codes of light for your healing and activates the Michael energy he emits utilizing light language. As an Heyoka empath, he may make you feel entirely triggered to see yourself, or you may walk away feeling love and loved. This feeling is also a trigger to facilitate self-love and heal the inner child to move forward in your process. (Many women & men have become confused with the love they feel through their healing techniques and have sought them as their divine partners.) 

You may request to use the copper pyramid and crystal amethyst & agate mat technology available after a session or alone to assist in your physiological healing needs. 

Custom Created Copper Pyramids by William are available with an activated clear quartz crystal to align your bodies. Sacred Geometry Earth Temple templates designed by William to amplify your pyramid or home are available. We also have many different copper & crystal healing/magical wands/staff for your personal use, ceremonial use, or for use on clients. All are activated by Keleena & William and can be activated personally for you.  

Powerful Crystal Activated and Blessed Energetic Organic Healing Sprays are also available to sample and purchase, plus everything is at a discount price for attending the Soulogyfest.