The poetry of Michael is a timeless expression of infinite movement.  A journey guiding us through the bountiful nature of our naked heart, the mystery of our enchanting soul; and the light—
of our ineffable spirit.

A transmission of pure consciousness. The poetry reverberates the tonality of the voiceless oversoul; an eternal codex chiseling through layers of pain and a stratum of veiled amnesia, leading everything it touches—back to itself.

Over the weekend… Michael will be exploring the nature of consciousness;
both its beauty and complexity.  A Traversing of the micro and macro
facets and manifestations 
of expression, 
that the spirit iterates—
through form. 

There will be a delving into the inquiry of
Love and Suffering—
the great universal equalizers.

Michael will be accompanied with instrumentalists in the recitation of the poetry. Connect with Michael on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.