Shakara Tosha – StarBeing Messages & Light Language – Sound Visioning Journey

Shakara is a “Creative Inspirationalist” of Galactic Service: a StarBeing Messenger & Multidimensional Guide, Light Language Communicator, Spirit Way-Walker, Ascension Teacher, artist, public speaker & author. She transmits extensive Star Messages from her Higher Self in partnership with various Star Guides (Arcturians & other Star Nations, Sasquatch, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Jmmanuella, Shakinah, Elementals, Lemurian Grandmothers, Dragon Guardians, Divine Feminine Aspects & others). These teachings cover a diverse range of topics (Ascension Mastery, Working with your Guides, Conscious Life Creation, Light Language Activation, Visioning & Manifesting the New, Awakening Your True Gifts, Higher-Self Embodiment, Sovereign Empowerment, Our Earth & Star Connections & Multidimensional 5D-13D Living through our Shifting Times).

Blended with these Star Messages, Shakara also transmits high-vibrational Light Language in various expressions (speaking, singing, dancing, artwork & code symbol-script writing). These heart-activating experiences awaken, heal & empower people to realign with their Higher Aspects, connect with Creator/Creatress & the Spirit realm, assisting people to realize their highest potential. Her resonant voice carries deeply moving & activating frequencies that many relate to as a nurturing & reassuring Ancient Feminine Elder reminding them to activate their inner Knowing & manifest any creative possibility they choose—for themselves, others & the world. She shares these Star Messages & Light Language via multimedia formats (Private Sessions, inspirational videos, conference & panel presentations, interviews & collaborative conversations, spiritual ceremony, sound visioning meditations, “Energy Frequency Signature” soul portraits, workshops, courses & books) that further unlock & activate the recipient’s dormant creative DNA codes to assist them on their life journey in many ways. She also conducts Light Language Visioning Journey Meditations with various musicians. And in development now is a collaborative website & projects with other artists, healers, musicians, Star Children, quantum scientists & visionaries from many disciplines.

Bridging ancient wisdom with modern living, Shakara inspires people to live creatively with high-vibrational purpose, self-awaken to their deepest connection with Creator, navigate the Ascension consciousness shift in our NOW moment while helping Mother Earth ascend to higher dimensions. She encourages Co-creators to RE-MEMBER their true nature & life mission, develop their unique heart-soul expressions, share their unique gifts with passion & experience multidimensional living. Her key message is that we all carry infinite potential that each can choose to fully awaken NOW. We are all collectively creating the new world as we live it. Oneness.

Shakara has been a multimedia artist since she was a child, and made a spiritual agreement to be of service to Humanity by becoming an open vessel for StarBeings to share their deep understandings & inspire people on their life journey. At a very early age she was visited by a key Star Person who informed her of her spirit path & life mission, and all her life received extensive visitations by many Star People who spoke to her telepathically, physically, in dreamtime, energetically & in symbols. She worked many years as a Senior Web Producer & Project Manager at top communications/marketing agencies & startups, in the art and financial worlds, while running her own website business. Then for 7 years various Star People massively downloaded hours of daily messages which she’s sharing now. For 3 years she was guided on a deep spiritual journey around the U.S., presenting at conferences & small gatherings, while also out on the land praying & connecting with the Spirit realm, Star People, elementals & participating in sacred ceremonies. For the last 2 years years she lived remotely in isolation to connect fully to the higher dimensional realms & merging with her Higher Self in personal sovereignty. In her free time she can be found adoring cheese, playing with children, rapping & jazz-scatting in Light Language, spinning barefoot in the countryside grass & talking to the stars.

“My mission is to assist people in achieving an expanded level of multidimensional consciousness during this Ascension Shift Time—uplifting their unique vibration, reconnecting with their heart & joy of living, re-membering who they truly are & returning fully in-tune with Creation itself”.New World, New Earth, New You. Welcome… YOU have arrived.”- Shakara Tosha: star name given by the Star People- Wicahpi Tosha Waste Win (Beautiful Violet Star Woman): Spirit name given by Lakota Chief Golden Light Eagle- 4-year Sundancer & sacred pipe carrier
YouTube: Shakara Tosha:: Light Language & StarBeing Messages
Instagram: shakaratosha

Offerings at SoulogyFest:

  • Activated Light Language Prints & Energy Frequency Signature Portraits
  • Private Light Language Sessions
  • Books & other material

CHARLES FLETCHER BIO:Energetic Alchemy & Unity of Divine Feminine/MasculineCharles Fletcher is a world traveler, musician, artist & vibrational alchemist working with sacred energy. These are manifested into various artistic creations—his alchemic jewelry creations, sound healing journeys, cultivating & working with plant medicines, energetic body work, and inspiring messages that activate others’ higher potentials.
Charles runs Gem Alchemy Creations, an energetically-activated jewelry line including hand-crafted necklaces & wrist wraps called the “I AM Series”—a beautiful, wearable Re-Minder that each of us carries the ALL of Everything with in our Divine Being & that nothing appears outside of us that did not originate from within. Charles sources specific, hand-selected energetic stones, silk wraps, beads & symbolic metal charms from all over the world. Each has an innate high-vibrational property & energetic quality.

Through vibrational alchemy, he intuitively combines energetic codes of each component—intentionally activated with love, prayers & sacred alchemic energies during its creation—to manifest individual pieces that carries a powerful presence. He imbues some with sacred inscribed symbols that carry profound energies taught to him by 2 spiritual teachers: ancient symbolic runes (training with The Romanian Ancient School of Wisdom via Tamarinda Maassen) & 11:11 Symbols (via Lakota Chief Golden Light Eagle). Every unique piece is then embedded with intention to awaken the awareness of the wearer’s universal seed frequencies. Charles combines the vibrations in each piece’s components that function as a catalyst to Re-Mind the wearer of their own unique power, wisdom & inner Knowing they already carry inside—which further assists them in Re-Membering & amplifying the innate abilities & states of Being that have always been available to them. These pieces are decorative and also self-activated energetic activation tools when worn.

Charles performs his original, intuited compositions & sound journeys, playing indigenous flute & ambient guitar, while studying cymatics & the effects of sound vibrations. He has performed in many venues (at various Conferences, private home gatherings & events). He is now collaborating with other musicians to create new sound meditation & journey CDs & is available for presentations, ceremonies, gatherings & performances.

For many years Charles battled with many health issues from various sports injuries & a car accident…through his seeking spirit & interest in energetic practices he overcame them all to realign his physical & energetic body vibrantly. Charles is trained in very ancient traditions working with the light body, thought, spiritual manifestation & utilizing energies to transform anything as needed. He has traveled extensively worldwide (including Belize, Romania, Spain, Italy, Germany, Amsterdam, Prague), journeying on the land, connecting with high-vibrational beings, downloading wisdom of various spiritual techniques & modalities to help raise & maintain highest vibrational states.


Offerings at the event:

  • High vibrational Gem Alchemy Creations jewelry