Cosmic Shamanism/Angelic Empowerment sessions – I will lead you through a guided meditation/shamanic journey with energy work that is uniquely tailored to you. It is geared towards helping you receive what you need for your next step.

Through Channeled guided imagery, intuitive energy work, and Frequencies that are present from various Angels and Spirit Guides that accompany the healing process, the client is brought to a vibrational state where alignment with their Higher Self is greatly enhanced. This process (especially with a few sessions) helps to redefine and upgrade one’s personal narrative to include untapped dormant potentials that your soul embodies and has access too. .Stephen communicates telepathically, with these Higher Beings and through a soul-mirroring process funnels these energies so that the individual receives whatever is needed for their progression and evolution. This can include a wide range from past life clearing and integration, healing of traumas, retrieval of magical tools, clearing chakras and sephiroth of the tree of life,,Higher temple initiations, reconnections to soul relations, clearing of aura blockages, and negative influences, (i.e. implants, spells, mk ultra programming) inner plane temple initiations, ascension/merkabah upgrades, and alignments to One’s Galactic or Starry Self and home world.

During Group work for new and full moons Stephen assists us to utilize these crossroads of time for new beginnings, individually and collectively. He leads us through a channeled guided meditation process connecting local vortexes with galactic and angelic energies emerging through the evolving planetary grid.

This will incorporate Kabbalistic, Egyptian and cosmic shamanic assistance from many realms; and an archetypal journey through Gaia’s Evolving landscape.This also  involves us grounding to the evolving Earth energies and stabilizing it into our auric fields through assistance from the Angelic, Planetary, and Galactic realms..

Stephen Popiotek is a cutting edge Metaphysical Teacher, Researcher, and Channel for a variety of esoteric subjects including The Kabbalah, Cosmic Shamanism, Egyptian Mystery Teachings, UFO’s. parallel realities, mk ultra programs, merkabah /light body upgrades, Star Gate Activations and the Ascension Process. As a well-learned intuitive guide with over 25 years of experience delving to the core of ancient spiritual traditions, Stephen often leads  meditation groups in Planetary Grid Upgrades, Galactic Channelings, and Spiritual Warrior Teachings of Light. His Solar Teachings incorporate ancient meditation techniques, movement and visualization to harness the spiritual and physical energies of the sun for personal and planetary healing and empowerment. Stephen has taught and organized events in various locations, local and international.

He is a regular speaker at New Life Expo in NYC, Human Origins Conference (2019),Yorkshire Center for Wellbeing (UK), past engagements at The NY Theosophical Society, Namaste Bookstore, Riverside Church’s Wellness Center, One Source One Light Center, Masonic Hall, Centerpoint Yoga Studios, Lighthouse Yoga Studio, Eyes of Learning, Surya Theosophical Group, Association of Higher Awareness, Spiritual Unity Network,, Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Jodi Serota’s Meta Center NY, Trimurti Wellness/Yoga Studio, Nurtures Path and other private gatherings. He has also organized and facilitated Sacred Site Star Gate/planetary grid work/ Activations at many locations around the world, including England, Spain, Costa Rica, Egypt, Bermuda, Ireland, Scotland, Hawaii, Mt Shasta, Sedona, and the Cahokia Indian Mounds. Stephen is a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, Church of the Sanctuary of the Beloved and a FreeMason(not active in many years). 

Through meditation, shamanism, and magic we build a bridge to cosmic consciousness states. It involves preparing and upgrading our 7 bodies to become a clearer conduit between our earthly selves and greater galactic universal selves. In this alignment we can communicate telepathically through enhanced sensory interface with various positive planetary groups and their  local multi dimensional inhabitants .Central to this process is evolving our heart chakra to receive more unconditional love from other planetary civilizations throughout our galaxy and beyond.its traversing the spiral of evolution to connect more with the one infinite creator and its celestial messengers who have achieved a greater actualized state of embodying these natural states of perfection of enhanced divine connection..