Soulogy Fest is a local and on-line gathering of like minded souls come together to experience one another, sharing gifts, abilities and stories of our shared experience in this transition we call ascension, in a multi-faceted setting lending to our multi-dimensionality, with music, artistic expressions, presentations and performances, as we tap into the spirit of collaborative co-creation utilizing the power of the new universal energy and coding expanding via spontaneity, intuition, synchronicity, imagination and creativity in the power of the moment.

Although we have known featured speakers and artists, as can be seen below, we also feature attendees as presenters, performers and in leading workshops and other group and private activities, the art of the spontaneous and the power of the creative moment are captured, please take a moment to view a few of our special moments on the videos linked on this page and site.

Soulogy connects people from all around the world to share their journeys, gifts, tools, skills, beliefs, support, and unified love for one another. We’re excited to share 3 days with you at a private retreat center as we experience an epic collaboration of presenters, performers and healers as we empower each other along our path of ascension.


ENTERTAINMENT: 30 hours of continuous presentations and performers with more than half of the allocated stage time dedicated to attendees celebrating YOUR unique creative expression. Unleash your Soul signature and share codes, meet your Soul family in person and create from a safe place of vulnerable beauty.

WATER STATIONS/MISTING TENTS: We’ll keep you hydrated and cool (ish)! Water stations fed from a spring well be available so don’t forget to bring your water bottle. Misting stations in tents will be set up to keep you cool.

ADDITIONAL COSTS (Not included in the ticket price):

FOOD/BEVERAGES: On site food trucks with menus that will include vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Attendees may also bring in your own beverages and food.


On site primitive camping and RV sites are available to be booked directly with Mulberry Mountain Lodge.

Group hotel options located in Ozark (20 minute drive) and Clarksville n Van Buren(45 minute drive) will be announced by June 25th and will be available to be booked directly with the hotel.

AIRPORTS: Main airports are Fort Smith, Arkansas (airport code FSM) and Fayetteville, Arkansas (airport code XNA).

OTHER ACTIVITIES: ATV rentals, hiking, swimming holes, Mulberry River, canoeing and horseback riding

Our first 3-day Soulogy Fest event was in Sedona, Arizona, May 28-30, 2021. It was hosted by Todd Medina of Soulogy and was a smashing success! An incredible time was had by all!

Some of our featured guests were; Franco DeNicola (Love & Oneness), Eric Rankin (Language of Frequency & Form), Jason Estes (Co-Founder of, J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D (author of Keys of Enoch), Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D., Alan Steinfeld (Author & Producer), Clifford Mahooty (Zuni Elder), Jade Lyons & Ty Hudnall (Sedona Sonic Alchemy), Shekina Rose (Language of Light), Keleena Malnar (Key Code Activator), William Melchizedek (Heyoka Empath), Shakara Tosha (StarBeing Messages), Charles Fletcher (Unity of Divine Feminine/Masculine), Stephen Popiotek (Cosmic Shamanism), Gabriella Young (Poetry by Rumi, Lalla, etc)

Soulogy is an energy growing from an active community of more than 111,000 like-minded individuals, with thousands more engaging soulogy platforms every week. Our primary platform is on the Soulogy Network with our show SOULSPEAKS 5D, where two or more have a conscious conversation highlighting the same topics we experience at the  Soulogy Fest. Soulogy Network and SoulogyOneStudios have produced about 5000 productions, 3500 of them SOULSPEAKS 5D episodes, with a reach of over 500K weekly and more than 100K views monthly across all platforms on social media.