As a Heyoka Empath, William feels what you need through the emotional, mental & physical bodies. He works with the angelic realms and angelic codes of light for your healing and activates the Michael energy he emits utilizing light language. As an Heyoka empath, he may make you feel entirely triggered to see yourself, or you may walk away feeling love and loved. This feeling is also a trigger to facilitate self-love and heal the inner child to move forward in your process.

In 2003 at 25 years of age, he built a spiritual center in the Netherlands where he taught divine yoga, conducted meditations and other spiritual practices. For his center, he created a large-scale 12-foot third-dimensional cube of Metatron to activate his own Merkaba in 2005 and others. He currently creates powerful crystal-activated copper pyramids for meditation, healing wands, staffs/scepters and will create any sacred geometry form for your healing centers, homes, or gardens.

William is also is a Quantum Energy Healer, utilizes his personal Light Language frequency for healing and activation, and is a Melchizedek initiator/activator for souls to receive more love light from source for their ascension process. He is also a Divine Yoga Instructor and has studied several martial arts throughout his lifetime. Through his healings, he restores the connection to source through the heart of creation in faith. 

William believes when one knows thyself, thy will be done.
Facebook, Youtube, Instagram: William Melchizedek